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Targeting the most likely audience is Job #1 in direct marketing. If you’re not talking to the right person, then nothing you say or do will resonate. Understand these basics about direct mail to invest your marketing dollars wisely:

  1. To be effective, a mailing list must be current. Outdated B2C lists risk targeting people who may have moved away or who may be deceased, and outdated B2B lists could have you targeting someone who changed jobs or left the company.
  2. Targeting is crucial for the same reasons mentioned above. Your mail should always be relevant, useful and interesting to those receiving it. There are countless demographic and psychographic traits, that when used to target prospects, increase your odds of getting a response.
  3. It’s commonly accepted in direct mail that without a strong offer, the prospect or customer won’t feel the need to act. Once someone has opened your mail, go ahead and offer something that motivates action.

Make Your Campaigns Shine

Start by ordering your list below. You’ll receive high-quality lists to make sure you are reaching your target markets efficiently and effectively. And that is where the campaign really starts to shine.